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Nothing but the benefits with a quick payback time

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Halton - the Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaning System supplier with over 2,500 installations

Enabling Wellbeing

People spend most of their time indoors. Our mission is to enable wellbeing by providing the best possible indoor environment, including the air that we breath for both customers and staff.

Halton central vacuum cleaning system is a sustainable solution. It is designed to last minimum 25-30 years without major maintenance needs or system replacements. Compared to traditional systems, CVC does not leave behind electrical waste and used vacuum cleaners.

Greener Hotel

Central vacuum cleaning system is the most efficient system to remove micro-dust from indoor air. CVC does not circulate the dirty air back to the indoor air like traditional vacuum cleaners.

Allergy and Asthma Friendly

Nothing but the benefits

Our industrial central vacuum cleaning systems have been specifically designed for heavy-duty use. Our track record includes installations in hotels, cruise ships, oil & gas platforms, offshore installation vessels, ice-breakers...
The system offers nothing but benefits with a quick pay-back time.

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More Efficient

A real life measurement show that central vacuum cleaning system is up to 50% faster to use compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.
And the system uses appr. 30% less energy compared to tradititional vacuum cleaners.

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Halton has completed over 2,500 CVC installations with great customer satisfaction. We design the system in collaboration with the customer, taking their practices for cleaning, as well as, the entire life cycle of the building into consideration.
Halton supplies solutions not only for new-builds, but also for refurbishments. We can deliver the materials as turnkey installations and carry out all system function tests and commissioning.